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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Micah's Surgeries Day 8

Day 8-
Micah is on the move!
Looking at downtown Memphis
 We had a restless night because Micah needed help getting up to go to her potty chair every 2 hours and she decided she didn't like the way the nurse helped her get up so she wanted MOM to do it! Guess there's something about Mommy's touch, although she has already told me that I would never make a good nurse, haha! I have to say I'd agree with her! But we are both hanging in there. :) The great news is that Micah is up and down, with much assistance, but nevertheless she is UP! She even walked to the end of the hall (about 25 feet) with the help of her physical therapist, Tea. 
Tea has been so patient with Micah because she does NOT like to get up or move because of the pain and also the nausea and dizziness that comes with it! She had to sit in her special chair for an hour, which she hated but had to do it 2 more times Friday and hopefully it will get better each time. She also walked again but this time she walked half of the floor and back. Its a struggle and Tea does most of the work, but Micah is moving and that's a huge step. If someone had told me she'd be on her feet just 3 days after her second back surgery I would have doubted it!
We had several visitors today including pastor Trevor and Ernie and Barney. Our friends/neighbors the Adams came and brought lots of goodies, Micah was thrilled to see them and has been asking for them so that was a special treat! The McAuliffe's from our church visited and brought Micah the coolest "surgeon" Build-A-Bear complete with an X-ray chart and sparkly pink boots! The coolest part was that each of them wrote a Bible verse relevant to Micah's situation that they felt encouraging and put.them.inside.the.bear. I just love that! So its a Scripture Build-A-Bear! Totally cool! Gary came after work and Wendy & Rachel brought a yummy Mexican spread (with a special best cousin bonus, THANKS Wendy!) followed by Corrie and Jenna with cupcakes and a balloon! The cupcakes are staring at me right now as I type this. Calling to me..."eat me....." I can only resist for so long. I'm eating like a pregnant person in this hospital!!! To all my DAC folks reading this, you guys are in for it when I come back to teaching, we have some work to do! Just kidding! (not really).
We also had 2 special visitors Friday: sweet Madison from church had an appendectomy here and walked down from her room on the 10th floor for a quick visit with her Mom (get well soon, Madison!) and the "pet therapy" folks came in with Salley the dog. SUCH a sweet dog and Micah enjoyed it!
Pet therapy with Salley



Theresa said...

So many prayers for you and Micah!! Micah is such a wonder, moving so much after such surgery...I don't think I could be as gracious as Micah! I pray the pain goes away quickly! I love you, my number one granddaughter and daughter!!!

Anonymous said...

Go Micah! We haven't formally met, but I keep you in my prayers, and am always intrigued to see someone so young be so strong. Hang in there! You're an awe inspiring role model for people all ages.