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Thursday, December 17, 2009

30 and flirty and thriving...well sort of

Happy birthday to me! I heard someone say the 30s are the new 20s and now that I am officially a little over a week into my 30s, I must say that things are off to an exciting start! A brief recap: I had an awesome 30th birthday party thrown for me by my hubby and friends at my house and the theme was tacky Christmas. It was awesome!

I especially loved everyone's tacky Christmas outfits. I had also spent that morning sewing stockings for my fireplace with a special little edition that we announced at the party:
I had wrapped the 5th stocking and opened it as if it were one of my birthday gifts and said "Why look! Its a 5th stocking!" and of course it took a minute for everyone to catch on. However, when they realized it was a special announcement everybody got real excited! It was somewhat anticlimactic but I thought I was being quite clever. Now the stockings are monogrammed (except for the baby's stocking of course) and hanging on our mantel! I do need another stocking hanger though.
So Sunday we celebrated my birthday with the fam at Mom's house for a yummy taco lunch (complete with seasoned fake taco meat for me! woot!) and more presents and then the NEXT day was the big day! I was officially 30! I got breakfast in bed by my kids and hubby and then was off to the gym to take BodyCombat and then teach BodyPump. What a great way to start the day! I announced to my class we are having another baby, so that was fun. Angie came over while we were at the gym and so when we got home we hung out and Daniel brought us some yummy sushi--what a great birthday lunch!

That night, us and the Rays went to eat at TGIFridays and then grabbed Starbucks and headed to Southern Lights at the Central Park. Now that's what I call a fun birthday! :)  
Tuesday was a normal day, except I had a sub for my Zumba class so I could watch Haven's tumbling program at her school (Haven is in all black with zebra print bow and ruffles on her tights, she's the youngest in her class but I thought she did GREAT!):

So Tuesday proceeded to be normal, even did a good show in Oxford that night with some fun ladies...until the ride home. I was ALMOST home on Pleasant Hill near the Bridgetown levi when a large animal (at the risk of sounding crazy yet again, it was a wild hog or boar, people--I know what a raccoon/possum/deer/dog/coyote/armadillo looks like--this was none of those things!) was in the road and I swerved to save his (and my) innocent life! I then hydroplaned so I swerved back to the left and skid diagonally across Pleasant Hill towards the ditch on the other side. When my back tires hit the mud (it had been raining ALL day) my Trailblazer began to flip and roll down the ravine towards the trees. I do not know how many times I flipped, but at the time it seemed like a million! I could feel it happening in slow motion though I'm pretty sure my eyes were shut and I could feel debris and things inside my car just going through the air all around me, like when you shake a snow globe. When I finally came to a stop, I was facing the wrong direction but I was actually right side up! I remember thinking "Am I in shock???" because I could feel no immediate pain. I saw a light by my feet and saw that it was my cell phone so I called 911 immediately. The lady began asking if I was hurt and I was crying hysterically saying "No I'm not hurt but I need to know if my baby is okay!!"
Dispatcher: "Ma'am...please calm down...Where is your baby?"
Me: (sobbing as I turn around and look at Haven's disheveled carseat in the backseat) "Oh! My baby isn't with me! She's at home with her Daddy. She isn't with me!"
Dispatcher: "So there is not a baby in the car with you? Was there a baby in the car with you ma'am?"
Me: (still sobbing) "No, no, no, my kids are not with me!"
Dispatcher: "Ma'am please calm down. Are you hurt? Are you sure there is no baby?"
Me: (suddenly realizing what a moron I was sounding like) "Oh YES! The baby. is. in. my. belly!"
I am quite certain if that show "Rescue 911" still came on, I would be one of the nutcases they display on the show. Anyway, the ambulance picked me up, took me to the ER, they called Gary (very interesting the way they did this) and FINALLY performed an ultrasound to see if the baby was okay. 4 hours after the accident, they told us the baby was fine and I was free to go if I refused a CT scan, which I did. I had a big bump on my head and my rib was hurting but I was okay! The next few days, I had a terrible sore neck but bearable, but my rib kept getting worse. I have now decided with all my medical expertise that it must, indeed, be cracked. Or not.
The Trailblazer has been totaled and sent to vehicle heaven with busted windows, all 4 tires flat, and more mud inside than a redneck teenage boy gets on the outside of his truck going muddin'. And lots of jewelry is missing along with several birthday gifts, but these are easily replaceable, along with my jewelry showcases and Haven's carseat, which are no longer usable. 

So all this to say that I am very blessed indeed to be safe and my unborn child to be okay! Thanks to my husband who was a huge help around the house while I was laid up on the couch going crazy. And thanks to my friends and family who have prayed for me and helped encourage me! This situation could have been so much worse, but God has revealed yet again His awesome mercy in my life. Like one of my friends said on my facebook: "Your life is just one miracle after another!" and I totally agree! Praise the Lord!