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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Christmas Card pressure!

First of all, I am writing this blog mostly to earn 50 free photo cards from who said if I write a blog about Christmas photo cards, then "WAH-LAH" I win! So I said, "Why not?" because we send over 150 Christmas cards out each year anyway, why not get some cha-ching knocked off that price tag, eh?
Second of all, however, I really do love sending AND receiving Christmas cards. We proudly display them at our house (to which is another whole dilemma as we are not sure where they will go at our new house--eek!) and I love seeing each and every one of them when they come in the mail! I really do! Perhaps its because my mother did the displaying of the cards thing, or because she has sent a Christmas card to all our family and friends my whole life (and still does-though its getting harder to cram us all in one picture! haha) or maybe its because I love seeing how much everyone's kids have grown or whether or not they went to the beach that year (when did beach pictures on Christmas cards ever become a "trend" anyway???) or whether or not they send one at all! Either way, I love the whole Christmas card concept!

Then, comes the pressure...

The pressure of taking a perfect Christmas card photo first...oh the stress! Its hard to get a photographer to agree to just let you use their pics instead of ordering cards from them so you have to actually TAKE a good photo. Has anyone else had trouble getting one of these? I mean before I had a squirmy double-chinned baby boy who looks stoned (Hahahahaha, no pun intended! Really! Hahahaha!) in every family pic, and even before I had a strong-willed (to say the least) 3 year old who insists on striking her "Chipmunks Sisters" pose in every shot. Alas, it all started when I wanted to do a Christmas card LETTER (yes, its true) when Micah was 1, that I discovered the chaotic stress of getting a good Christmas photo shot! I didn't have cool photo sites like Christmas photo pics! to go to and play with the cool designs, etc. We had the good ol slow moving kiosks at Sam's, Walmart and Walgreens and I, of course, ALWAYS had problems with doing it, getting my cards, etc.

Now, however, the way to go is go online! I can go to  and peruse tons and tons of designs, upload my pics, drag them in and click print. Super easy. And they look so fun!
Obviously I'm adding pics from the past that aren't attached to a photo card, but these are close to the ones I used...I am limited in my scanning knowledge so this is what you get...sorry!

Anyway, I think the pressure comes from knowing that this is your "one shot" to show everyone how perfect and wonderful your life and your family is...seriously. Okay I know that's a stretch, but I recognize that until facebook came along, this was the only time some people got to see us! How much Micah had grown, when I was pregnant with Haven, how big Haven had grown, how hot my hubby is, etc. so I had to make it good!

But you know what I realized? Not only is my family not perfect, nor is my life (I know, shocking, right? haha) but it is only through the grace of my God and King that I even have the life and family I have at all! Awesome! And so humbling! To know that He has given me these treasures to borrow while we're here on this earth, and that they are truly gifts from Him. So no cute cards, no amazingly perfect Christmas photo, not even getting them mailed out before December 1st, is pleasing to my Lord like praising and thanking Him for these blessings! Merry Christmas!
Christmas 2009 (above)
 Stay tuned for Christmas card photo 2010 so you can see how perfect my family and life are! (just kidding!)