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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Late Night TV

This blog entry is actually in response to a very good blog written by my sister-in-law Anna regarding the recent Leno/Conan fiasco at NBC. Though I wouldn't consider myself an avid viewer of any late night tv shows, I have watched both of these gentlemen and its clear that Conan is naturally very funny and Leno, though famous enough to always have the BEST guests on his show and several good segments within the show, is just as Anna quoted my brother as saying, "Leno is only as funny as his writers allow him to be". This is so true. So here is my response to Anna's blog, literally cut and pasted from her comment section. Plus I was feeling guilty for not having written a blog entry in a while. And if I did, it would be about all-day morning sickness or something lame like that, so I decided on this, which is a slightly lesser degree of lame. Thanks for reading!

My response to Anna's Blog entry "I'm With Coco" at 

I agree and I agree! Though when given the choice, I almost always choose Leno over Letterman because of exactly what you said about Letterman's increased politics and cynicism and sometimes downright crudeness, its certainly not because of Leno's humor. His jokes are clearly forced, and even when funny, HE himself is just not that funny to me! I think Kevin Eubanks is the only one who laughs! lol. However, Conan is certainly one of the goofiest and genuinely hysterical people in late night TV (aside from Jimmy Fallon and Chelsea Handler--whom I love but I think I just totally ruined my 'crudeness' argument from a minute ago) and I hope this situation, though neither he nor Leno asked for it, will cause him to succeed instead of fail.
All that being said, I don't get to watch much tv, even late at night because I'm such a zombie by then, but I wish the whole situation had been handled dif by NBC, who clearly made a bad call in this decision! Ratings or not, Funny RULES and should be respected! lol.