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Friday, January 16, 2009

New Year--New Blog

So I'm going to give this 'blog' thing another go. I feel like I have a lot to say and not a lot of folks who want to hear it so perhaps writing it in blog form will get it out! :)
I am super psyched about a new year. Not in the typical "let me see how many new year's resolutions I can make and break" kind of psyched, but in a clean, fresh start kind of way. Cheesy as it may be, I enjoy setting goals--both short-term and long-term and being a calendar addict, it helps me to see things starting over. I like new fresh months on my calendar, clean fresh notebook paper in a spiral notebook (of which I never write on the first page!), a brand new package of Unibal rollar pens, the way the peanut butter looks when you first break the seal, etc. These things make me feel NEW! So all-in-all, that is the way I feel about a new year as well: just fresh and clean!
Here are just a few of my short-term goals:
1) to continue to build a consistent and strong Premier business
2) to earn our Premier incentive trip to Washington, DC free for both Gary and myself
3) to potty train Haven by May (she'll be 2 then but she's already asking to use the toilet and she often does the sign for "potty" when she is going to the bathroom in her diaper...yay?)

As for long-term goals, this year I'd like to:
1) Make 2 Diamond Designer in Premier, maybe 3 Diamond
2) Sponsor 7-10 new again this year
3) Finally get my sewing machine out again and make use of it by spring
4) Get closer to catching up with my scrapbooking (this may be a lot longer-term than a year!)
5) Better myself as a group fitness instructor and decide if I'd like to add my 4th format back into my schedule
6) Find a better way to BALANCE
7) Be a stronger Christian leader, wife, mother

So nothing pivotal I know, but this is all I can think of on a late Friday night after a week long sickie-marathon at the Barker house. Long live antibiotics!
Well Happy New Year! I hope to re-read this in January of 2010