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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is this really happening?

When I was younger I distinctly remember my mom singing "Count your blessings name them one by one/Count your blessings see what God has done/Count your blessings/Name them one by one....Count your many blessings see what God. Has. Done!" and that is the tune I am humming today for so many reasons!
1) I have a darn good man.
I am sometimes baffled at how lucky I got to meet Gary Barker and that he chose ME to be his wife! We've definitely had a few "worse" moments, but Gary makes me better and together we are a great team. He works so hard for us so that I don't have to work at all and yet supports me because I choose to have my own business. He is the spiritual leader of our family and he is the most loyal man I've ever met! He's disciplined and self-motivated (he works out at 5 am almost every day except when he goes to his discipleship group which is also at like, 5:30 am! And you should hear this man quote Scripture--amazing!) Plus he's just a total hottie!
2) My children are awesome!
Though there are days (especially lately) that I wonder how on earth I am going to make it through the day without leaving my kids on the curb (just kidding. sort of.), I still recognize that I am extremely blessed to have been given the gift of my 3 kids! Micah is so unique and sensitive and when we are happy with her, all is right in her little world. She yearns for our approval yet pushes herself to be the best--and she's so smart and hard-working! I never have to make her do her homework or read a book or anything! Haven is our little spitfire but makes me laugh every single day. When she wants to be, she is the sweetest most precious thing ("Mom?" "yes, Haven" "Oh, I just love you." "I love you too, Haven!") and yet has a developing spirit that is as strong-willed as a mountain. I pray she uses it to the glory of our Father and every day I pray over her "Lord break her will but not her spirit!" so that He can use her dynamo personality for His kingdom!
And now our precious new addition, Stone. I am so in love! Everything they say about boys and their mamas is already true! He is such a good baby and I value this time with him as we get acquainted and get to know our new little man!
3.) God answers prayers specifically: We are moving into our new home!
I can't wait to get settled in and use this wonderful gift to entertain and welcome people into our home. I truly believe that God has given me the same gift He gave my mom: the gift of hostessing! (Yes its a gift, look it up. Maybe not "hostessing" but the equivalent! Ha.) I hope we will always be humble and thankful about what God has given us and look forward to using these gifts for whatever He asks of us!
And now the weather is turning almost-maybe-hopefully cooler so I can almost feel fall coming! And let's just face it, fall is a blessing in and of itself! I pray it gets here fast and stays a while!