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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Its Fall Y'all!

Oh Happy Fall!
Fall of course is one of my favorite seasons (tied with spring and winter and WAY ahead of summer, which I could do without except for laying by the pool and sandals) and this fall is going GREAT so far! I have a new nephew, Finley Rucker Schwegel (good luck in spelling, buddy) and he is just so precious! I can't get enough of the little cutie! He weighed only 6.4 lbs. and was just under 20 inches long. I was asked to be in the room during the big ordeal and it was so miraculous! Okay, at least sideways it LOOKED miraculous since I had to lay down on the couch a couple of times to regain my composure. But nevertheless, it was amazing! I've only been on the other end in the labor and delivery room, so it as quite interesting. I took over 100 pics over the course of the 7 hours or so, documenting my sister Jessica bringing her first child into the world and its just so neat to see how God uses strong women like Jess to bring new life to the planet! So cool.
Another reason I love fall is the fall clothes! I know this subject totally pales in comparison to the subject above, but how do you follow introducing Finley???
But anyway, I LOVE fall clothes! I especially love boots and jackets and scarves! And of course I can't forget jewelry! But for those out there just wondering, here are my top fashion picks for the fall that you absolutely must have:
1) Something PURPLE- this year's hottest hue and if you don't wear it, get a fun purple necklace like the Rhapsody or Purple Passion in our Premier catalog, I can help you with that. lol
2) Flat boots- these are especially cute under the long dresses we wore in the spring/summer but paired with a jean jacket or drab-shab blazer. Also fun over skinny jeans or leggings.
3) Cowboy boots- coming from someone with 5 pairs of cowboy boots, I really do believe these are a necessity! Wear them as mentioned in #2 or wear them under boot-cut jeans and you are one foxy cowgirl.
4) Giant gold earrings- Again, I can help with this. Gold is BACK!
5) Pashmina style scarves- worn doubled and looped around the neck or wear it old-school scarf style and spread part of it out on your shoulder for a very elegant look. Good as a wrap, too when you're freezing in church, etc.
6) Enormous rings- Yes you can, dah-ling.
7) Long runway-style necklaces- These break up the monotony of color in solid dresses and sweaters and also slim you if worn in layers. Do not be afraid of the length! This is a very flattering look when done correctly.
8) Big handbags in skins or metallics
9) Bangles- not the band, but stacks and stacks of bracelets on your wrist that let people know you're coming from a mile away. Love it!
10) Dresses with jeans- This one I love by default because I'm 5'9" so most 'dresses' end up being long shirts on me anyway, so the leggings sometimes make me look like a dress with bird legs sticking out of the bottom. However, pair that cute dress with some skinny jeans and some high heels and va-va-voom, honey, you are looking hot!

Okay so these are just a few of my picks in the fashion realm. Feel free to add any as comments! I love to know what YOU'RE wearing this fall and what you don't love as well! (i.e. stirrup pants and short military jackets...I mean, REALLY?? Or skinny pants on guys...just stop it.)
I am looking forward to more fabulous fall weather and stuffing myself silly on Thanksgiving with my family.
So Happy Fall Y'ALL!