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Friday, June 27, 2008

My first official blog

I gotta' say--the thought of having anybody read my thoughts in writing is not only intimidating, but extremely shocking at that. Who cares what I think? I don't care what other folks think. I rarely read blogs, even ones by people I really really like and admire. Forgettaboutit if I can't stand you--I avoid those blogs like the plague.

But you know what I think will be good about this whole blog situation? It is the opportunity to get my thoughts out and sort them in the process. It's the ability to "vent" when I need to get something off my chest and not feel guilty for bringing someone down (because you did, after all, CHOOSE to read the venting blog, right?) and its the ability to rejoice about things that provide joy in my life without feeling like I'm bragging (see previous parenthesis, inserting "rejoicing" for "venting").

So here goes--my very own blog site. Read it if you will, block it if you'd rather, but take me for who I am and do that with a grain of salt. And if you don't really care? Kudos to you! I probably don't read your blog anyway! :)