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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Micah's Surgeries Days 12-14

Days 12-14-
Its been "back to reality" this past several days now that Micah is at home! But wow, what an overwhelming amount of help and encouragement we have received just this week! My mother-in-law made dinner Monday night and my Aunt Polly, Oma and later Jessica (twice!!!) came by, my friend Katie brought dinner Tuesday night and most of my family came by and visited that night as well. We watched The Lorax, one of Micah's favorite movies and one she has been anxiously waiting to come out on DVD. Wednesday brought more visitors and my friend Lawanda came over and then my sweet girls Michelle and Kathy came over with a delicious supper! Angie brought over dinner tonight and I am so grateful for it all! We also have had several other friends come visit in between and I'll leave someone out if I start naming folks even more but a that risk, I have to name Natalie bearing a rose, Anna & Diane from the DAC brought a HUGE gift basket and Micah's friend Olivia and her mom Mary Helen also came by. Today my mom, Oma, Jessica and the boys all came by and who else? I know my Dad has also been by and stayed with Micah and Stone while I went and grabbed Haven. So many friends and I love it! Thank you guys for showering my sweet girl with gifts and us with food! Speaking of gifts...Uncle Jeffery and Aunt Kim (remember the ones who invited Micah to come visit and tour DC?) sent a pretty amazing "Get Well" gift that arrived Tuesday.....

Its an iPad!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you could hear the screaming through this photo...

 Wow! I think maybe I feel a cavity coming on that needs filling...can that count as something that needs a Get Well iPad??? Haha. Micah was so dang excited, she has not put the thing down! Grandma and Papa paid for her to get a cool cover and I ordered her some accessories on Amazon. She had to immediately call Aunt Kim to thank them. What a special gift! Of course, she loves ALL the fun things she has received! We are so appreciative and these things have all helped make a tough situation go just a little bit smoother! :)