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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Micah Update & Gifts Galore

Wow, has it already been almost 4 weeks since Micah's first of two back surgeries? It hardly seems like that long but it has definitely been a journey! We've been home for 2 weeks and are just now getting into a routine--whatever that means with 3 kids! I cannot even BEGIN to express enough gratitude for all the texts, calls, cards, gifts, meals, Facebook comments, visits, etc. that we have received during this time! It has been wonderful and overwhelming at the same time--but definitely appreciated!
 Micah's post-op appointment showed us a DRASTIC change in her spine. I am floored! I've seen pictures of my child's X-rays for more almost 11 years and I've always seen the curve, always seen the problem. However, now that there is an "after" comparison, so to speak, my mind is officially blown. Here are the "Before" X-rays, taken July 26, 2012, the day before Micah's anterior spinal fusion (first surgery, well, 6th if we're really keeping count, haha):
Side view X-Ray: This shows the kyphosis, another type of spinal curvature, you can see how far it humps up top and pushes in the lumbar region.

Back view X-Ray: See 57 degree curve in just that one noticeable spot, not to mention two other curves from scoliosis that aren't as clear. All of these curves were caused by her cancerous tumor as a baby.
Now, for the "After" shots. Mind, prepare to be blown:
Front view, post surgeries: See the spine now? Unbelievable! No wonder she gained 3.5 inches!

Side view, post surgeries: Is anybody else completely baffled by the size of those screws?!?!? See how much straighter the hump part is and how straight her back is as opposed to the before shots? Crazy.
So there you have it! I must admit, I got lightheaded when Dr.Warner at Campbell Clinic showed us these side by side. Like I said, I've seen her X-rays for years, Micah has gone to her orthopedic surgeon's office every few months her entire life almost, not to mention all the X-rays she also got every time we went to St.Jude for check-ups. These pictures show us on the inside what we can already see on the outside of Micah--a beautiful straight back! She looks AMAZING!

And lastly, I want to send every single person who has brought us anything or sent cards or gifts or meals or came by to visit but I KNOW I will leave someone out and plus I don't think there are enough thank you cards to thank everyone for their prayers and acts of kindness during all of this so far--so please know that I mean this from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU!!! Thank you all! :)
This is actually not even all of the stuff Micah has received from our awesome friends and family and even strangers! This picture does NOT do justice to show the love we have received!
 Micah is up and moving around, she has even walked a half a mile a few times and a whole mile the other day with me and her siblings! She can now officially (as of this week) get up from a lying down position on her own, which is huge since she has needed me to do this for her until now. She isn't on pain meds every 4 hours anymore, and we give it to her as needed. She even got to go to church on Sunday, though we put her in a wheelchair (thanks Abneys!) to not only keep her from having to sit in a chair that may be uncomfortable, but also to keep her from getting tired out and sore and also to protect her from accidentally getting bumped or hugged too hard. (Great Commission folks sure are HUGGERS! lol) But she really enjoyed it!!
I also took the girls to Gracie Bleu on Friday night (for Haven's good behavior at school all week and because Micah was REALLY wanting to get out of the house:
And the 3 of us ventured out again on Saturday to watch The Odd Life of Timothy Green which was very good! So the GREAT news is, Micah is getting out and getting back to normal, slowly but surely! Now she really wants to go to!
The gifts just keep on coming and we can't say thank you enough! As I am sitting here typing this blog post, yet another delivery came to the door:
How cute is this balloon bouquet from the prayer team at Premier Designs Jewelry in TX? I LOVE this company and our sweet prayer partner, Mike Glenn whom I know was responsible for sending this!
Micah's homebound teacher started coming this week and she has been working on her school work to stay caught up with her other 6th grade classmates and I know that she is getting to the point where she is going to be ready to go to school finally! It will be a few more weeks but we are getting closer! Thanks again for everyone's prayers and thoughts--God is SO good and His mercies are new every morning!


Hassan Ashraf said...

Gifts from friends just make the day special, don't they. Diane
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ali g hassan said...

Thanks for the update. I think the writing was on the wall when your posts started dropping off noticeably in the past several months, but I'm glad that you will each continue blogging in your own forums. Best of luck to both of you in the future, and thank you for many informative, lovely posts.
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